Wind and Solar Energy Production

Welcome to a Power Revolution

UCAP Power acquires the Maxwell brand, Maxwell Technologies Korea business, as well as other assets from Maxwell Technologies

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UCAP Power™, a global provider of ultracapacitor-based power solutions across a wide range of renewable markets. Ultracapacitor systems use sustainable based products offering a long-lasting source of reliable high-power energy storage that can help eliminate lead-acid and other hazardous materials in batteries.

With our UP™ line of products we are starting a power revolution.

UCAP 101

Ultracapacitors are a POWER storage device to RAPIDLY store or release energy

Activated carbon derived
from sustainable source (coconut shells).

EDLC Ultracapacitor Cell



Disrupt lead acid battery industry
  • DISRUPT the $60B lead-acid battery industry by retrofitting Wind Turbines, Generators, and Micro Grids, Autos and Transport with Ultracapacitors
  • CO2 savings of 363K metric tons in Wind Energy
  • Displace Lead, Cobalt, Cadmium and Lithium where possible
  • Deliver RELIABLE, cost effective power storage solutions
  • Displace 4M lead-acid batteries in 40,000 wind turbines
  • Eliminate 35M lbs. of virgin lead

Core Tenets


Systems & Application Expertise

  • Moving beyond ultracapacitor as a component

Intelligent Integrated Electronics

  • Increasing value while reducing overall system costs

Advanced Ultracapacitor Chemistry

  • Resetting traditional standards with a green emphasis

Core Team

Gordon Schenk

President & CEO

Former Maxwell Sales Executive
Previously: PTC, Entropic, Infineon, Prior startups returning $200M+ to investors

Young Jin Lim

President, Maxwell Technologies Korea

Previously: Maxwell, Nesscap

Troy Brandon


Former Maxwell Product Line
Previously: Entropic, Unitron, REMEC, Loral Space, USNR

Andrew Garcia

VP Global Sales

Former Maxwell Sales
Previously: MET Critical Power, Constant Power, Northstar Battery

David Wright

VP Engineering (Consulting)

Former Director, Application Engineering Maxwell, Delphi, GM

Lance Bridges

Legal (Consulting)

Private Practice Attorney

Advisory Board

Robert Crawford

Maxwell Technologies

A 19+ year veteran from Maxwell Technologies with a long history of Ultracapacitor Process Engineering, Product R&D, Operations management, & advanced chemistry knowledge in various energy fields.

Dr. Frank Fleming

Co-Founder Northstar Battery

Recognized “lifetime contributor” to lead acid batteries

Lee Krevat

Sempra Utilities & SDGE

Multiple board memberships focused on: utility strategy, grid modernization, distributed energy resources, microgrids, and renewable energy.

Board of Directors

Liz Griggs

Managing Partner & CEO, Grantchester C-Change

Terry Moore

Managing partner and founder MVP Funds

Lance Bridges

Legal (Consulting)

Private Practice Attorney

Gordon Schenk

President & CEO

Former Maxwell Sales Executive
Previously: PTC, Entropic, Infineon, Prior startups returning $200M+ to investors