Welcome to a Power Revolution

UCAP Power™ is an exciting new startup that provides ultracapacitor-based solutions across a wide range of renewable markets.
Ultracapacitor systems use sustainable based products offering a long-lasting source of reliable power storage that can eliminate lead-acid or other hazardous batteries.

With our UP™ line of products we are starting a power revolution.

UCAP 101

Ultracapacitors are a POWER storage device to RAPIDLY store or release energy

Activated carbon derived
from sustainable source (coconut shells).

EDLC Ultracapacitor Cell

UCAP POWERBLoK™ Module System


Delivering the most RELIABLE, COST-EFFECTIVE power storage solutions

  • Industry leading power to weight ratio
  • +15 year lifetime*
  • Near instant charge/discharge rates
  • Near infinite number of charge cycles*

DISRUPT the $60 billion lead-acid battery industry

  • Eliminates batteries in most starting applications
  • Enables smaller, lighter systems with hybrid solutions
  • 4 Million batteries eliminated

Make a LASTING IMPACT: displace Lead, Lithium, Cobalt, Cadmium

  • 16 Million Kilograms of Lead removed from industry
  • “Lead exposure is estimated to account for 12.4% of the global burden of idiopathic intellectual disability “ – WHO 2017
  • “Economic costs attributable to the impacts of childhood lead exposure amounted to 1.2% of global (GDP) “ – WHO 2017


Broad Industry Relationships

  • Former Maxwell Technologies Executives and Employees (post-Tesla acquisition)

Deep Industry Knowledge

  • Key Engineering, Product, Operations, & Sales Leadership in place
  • Powerful Extended Network w/ Decades of Ultracapacitor & Power System Experience

Startup Focus

  • Use proven UCAP cell technology as an innovative system solution
  • Revolutionizes the entire energy storage sector
  • Patent pending design for ubiquitous market applications

Core Team

Gordon Schenk

CEO (Co Founder)

Former Maxwell Sales Executive
Previously: PTC, Entropic, Infineon, Prior startups returning $200M+ to investors

Joshua Hitt

COO (Co Founder)

Former Maxwell Product Line
Previously: GE, USAF

Troy Brandon

VP Product Management

Former Maxwell Product Line
Previously: Entropic, Unitron, REMEC, Loral Space, USNR

Andrew Garcia

VP Global Sales

Former Maxwell Sales
Previously: MET Critical Power, Constant Power, Northstar Battery

Lance Bridges

Legal (Consulting)

Private Practice Attorney

Michelle Hays

VP Finance

Former Maxwell Finance Consultant,
Previously: Humana, Comhear

Blaine Bynum

Systems Engineering

Previously: Catalyst, Netlist, Entropic, AMD

John Meaney

Director of Sales, Americas

Former Maxwell Sales
Previously: IBM, Panasonic, Gateway, US Army

Advisory Board

Lance Bridges

Legal (Consulting)

Private Practice Attorney

David Wright

Private Engineering Consulting

Director, Application Engineering Maxwell, Delphi, GM

Dr. Frank Fleming

Co-Founder Northstar Battery

Recognized “lifetime contributor” to lead acid batteries

Dennis Webster

Webster Energy Consulting

Former GM Moog Wind Business Unit